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U find more spaceships here and I collected some FAQs here (page is in german - sry 4 that)

VFX-06 (6th generation VFX-model)

Multi-purpose spaceship with long range and medium arming.
With circular wings it is aerodynamically stable and economic. The alignment of the jets makes it very agile.

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find ship in sporepedia

Serenity Firefly

My interpretation of the well-known spaceship. Some of technical details were inspired by the following screen-shots: Serenity Firefly (lowres screenshot)

Serenity Firefly (lowres screenshot)
Serenity Firefly (lowres screenshot)

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complete set of strange wooden vehicles with continuous design.
U find them as a part of "TNT - Tom's Nature-Theme"

air ground water space

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complete set of fantasy-style buildings with continuous design.

center home fun work


vehicles close to reality with lots of details.

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just kidding

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This is an imperial standard-warship of the NGC-22358x class with two modifications:

  1. On starbord is a heavy planet-destroyer (Vogon-class).
  2. This ship has a brandnew UFA*) with 8-injectors which can apply more than 400TW of string-radiation to the core.

*) UFA = Unfolding Higgs-Accelerator.

  • Unfolding Higgs-Bisons (the anti-parts of the Bosons) solves a part of the 6-dimensional origami by applying string-radiation. Every reduction in the 2D-plane generates a set of white picco-holes. The negative gravity emitted by the holes "pushes" the vehicle. Furtheron the collapsing holes produce a Lorentz-shield which locally inverses the gravitational-constant and sets the einstein-propability to zero.
  • Important note for customers: The Lorentz-shield has two side-effects:
    • It is impossible to use ballistic weapons in FTL-Mode.
    • The reciprocal-radiation sometimes also inverses the crew's table-manners.
  • Important note for readers:
    • U might (hopefully) have noticed that the above description is absolute nonsense.
    • This nonsense was inspired by Arthur Dent and Alfred E. Neumann.

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